As I am working on this project on my own for now, I have only created a Wunderlist board to keep track of the tasks I want to implement. Below you can see the current state.

Free Planning Poker is an open-source project, and I am always happy to receive contributions from the community. If you want to help, feel free reach out to me or to create a pull request on GitHub.

If you have any feature suggestions or want to report a bug, feel free to use the contact form or create an issue on GitHub.


Improve Readme

Enhanche Contribution

Switch to next-sitemap

V7: Room PW protected

V7: Implement final decision

V7: Implement votes for kicking users


Search console stats in analytics

Ably usage in analytics

Checkly with Playwright E2E test

Setup Jest and SonarCov

Light/Dark mode switch

change donation to BuyMeACofee

Look into Sentry for NextJs deeply

ToDoist write integration

In Progess

DB backup

V5: Go back to Room Button

V6: More sidebar features for Room

Ongoing: Increase visibility


V5: Analytics Improvements

V5: Improve other pages

V5: Main Navigation

V4 : New Landingpage

Upgrade to Node20

CI & Code Quality Improvements

V3: Room improvements

V2: Redis RoomState & Analytics

Refactor: Prisma to Drizzle ORM

increase SEO & Lighthouse on all pages

Upstash redis ratelimiter

Sentry integration

SonarCloud and lint in CI

ToDoist read integration