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Powerful Yet Simple

Essential Features for Effective Sprint Planning

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Share Room URL - Click the room name to copy the URL.

Room Reset - Reset all votes with a single tap.

Spectator Mode - For those who are not involved in estimations.

Auto Show - Automatically reveal estimations once everyone has voted.

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Voting analytics - Gain insights into participation, efficiency, and trends in your voting sessions. To improve your sprint planning in the future.

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User Settings Change your username and toggle sounds and popup notifications.

Roadmap - There is much more to come!

Protecting Your Privacy

Our policies are clear: no personal data stored, no cookies used, fully GDPR compliant.

No cookies

GDPR Compliant

No Personal Data

Anonymized Analytics

Open Source

Planning Poker Guide

Discover how Planning Poker helps Agile teams efficiently plan sprints using story points. Understand the benefits of anonymity and gamification in achieving accurate task estimations.

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